Belt conveyors and their areas of application

Конвеєрна стрічка

The belt conveyor is one of the most common types of forklifts used for industrial purposes. The field of application of such equipment is quite wide, it is excellent for transporting loose, lumpy, as well as artificial cargoes.

Where is it needed? First of all, in granaries and elevators for moving and loading grain. In addition, the belt conveyor will be useful for industries such as:

  • agriculture (work with loose fertilizers, ready harvest);
  • food industry (meat, fish);
  • metallurgical production (movement of raw materials, coal);
  • mining (transportation of minerals);
  • asphalt concrete production (moving sand, crushed stone, expanded clay, cement)
  • warehouse and port complexes;
  • postal services;
  • waste processing;
  • etc.

The belt conveyor is versatile in use and affordable. For your business, you can choose the optimal type, for example, a pipe, sheet or channel conveyor.

Belt conveyor – design features

The conveyor has a rather simple, but at the same time effective design. The main working element here is an “endless” rubber band enclosed in a ring. It surrounds the drive drum on one side, and the tension drum on the other end, which allows you to adjust the necessary degree of tape tension.

The basis of the belt conveyor is special rollers along which the belt with the load moves. Movement can be carried out both in the horizontal direction and at an angle (the product is loaded in the lower part of the conveyor and rises up to load tanks or transport).

Where to buy

You can always order and buy a belt conveyor for grain and other bulk products from our company. We will help you decide on a choice, choosing the most optimal option in terms of price and quality.

Please note that, depending on the type of cargo being transported, the belt type conveyor may have additional elements (limiting boards, etc.). The direction of the belt loader can be both straight and broken, depending on the specifics of your production.

Such equipment is characterized by high reliability in the harshest operating conditions. Its productivity can reach 500 tons per hour, while it is possible to move cargo with a high percentage of moisture (for example, washed polymers).

Belt conveyors and their areas of application