Auger wood compactor SW-600

Auger wood compactor SW-600

The largest auger compactor for large volumes of waste. Best suited for wood


Auger wood compactor SW-600
Screw length (mm)1620
Hopper opening (mm)1450х1450
Engine power (kW)22
Connection to the power grid3 phases 400V; 50 Hz
Dimensions (mm)2235х2715х1310
Weight (approx. (kg))2750

Auger compactor Ecopolymer SW-600 is the largest Ecopolymer equipment for wood compaction. It is best suited for pressing pallets, boards, old furniture, window frames, plywood scrap, etc.

In addition, it can press other materials, such as municipal solid waste (MSW), cardboard, polymers, various packaging, light metals, etc. If you regularly accumulate large volumes of such waste, this equipment will be an excellent helper for you.

The most powerful screw press for wood and other hard materials

The SW-600 screw compactor is a large, powerful, versatile piece of equipment that compacts a wide variety of materials, including dense and tough materials that other equipment cannot handle.

Auger wood compactor SW-600

Saving space, saving costs and the opportunity to earn extra

Auger compactor for wood Ecopolymer SW-600 solves the problem of not only saving space in the warehouse, but also saving money on transportation. Thanks to it you can:
– save space in the warehouse;
– reduce costs for waste removal and disposal.

Huge auger, maximum power

The huge auger ensures tight pressing of even hard and complex materials.

Auger wood compactor SW-600
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Push-button control greatly simplifies the operation of the equipment

Our equipment can be operated using a programmable control system. You can program, for example, flow control, feed control, automatic shutdown when an empty hopper is detected, etc. operations

The control cabinet greatly simplifies the work with the auger compactor.

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