Granulators and their application in various industries

Гранулятори і їх застосування у різних галузях

Гранулятор – це механічний пристрій, який використовується для формування різноманітного матеріалу в гранули. Цей процес часто використовується в сільському господарстві для виготовлення кормових пелет. Також, дуже широке розповсюдження гранулятори знайшли в сфері переробки деревини в опалювальні пелети. Крім цього гранулятори використовуються в фармацевтиці, харчовій промисловості та інших галузях. В сучасних виробничих процесах вони вже стали невід’ємною частиною.

A granulator is a mechanical device used to form a variety of material into pellets. This process is often used in agriculture to make feed pellets. Also, granulators have found a very wide spread in the field of processing wood into heating pellets. In addition, granulators are used in pharmaceuticals, food industry and other industries. They have already become an integral part of modern production processes.

The main fields of application of granulators

Here are the five most popular areas of use for granulators:

  1. Food industry and animal husbandry: Granulators are used to produce food products in the form of granules or pellets, such as pet food, fish feed, nutritional supplements and more.
  2. Energy industry: In energy production, granulators are used to produce fuel pellets that can be burned in heating systems (boilers, furnaces, etc.). In the field of obtaining energy from renewable sources, such as biomass, granulators are used to produce pellets, which can then be used in thermal power plants.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry: In pharmaceuticals, granulators are used for the production of tablets, capsules and other dosage forms, as well as for granulation of active substances.
  4. Chemical industry: Granulators are used to produce chemical products in the form of granules, such as fertilizers, plastics, cosmetic products and others.
  5. Plastics production: Granulators are used to process plastics into pellets, which can then be used to produce plastic products by molding or extrusion.

More details on each branch

Food industry and animal husbandry

Feed granulators occupy an important place in the agricultural sector, where they are used for the production of balanced feed for agricultural animals and fish. Their use makes it possible to effectively transform grains, legumes, as well as secondary products into pellets that are easier to store and transport, as well as more attractive for animal consumption.

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Energy industry

In the field of solid biofuel production, granulators play a key role. They process wood, straw and other types of biomass into pellets that are used in heating systems. This not only contributes to the disposal of logging and agricultural waste, but also ensures the production of ecologically clean fuel that does not contain chemical impurities.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Granulators in the pharmaceutical industry are used to granulate active ingredients to facilitate dosing and tablet production, preparation of tableting mixtures, dosage control and stability of dosage forms, helping pharmaceutical companies to ensure a quality and effective end product.

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Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, granulators play an important role in the production of various chemical products. They are used for granulation of raw materials and help in forming the product in the form of granules or pellets. This may include the production of fertilizers, chemical additives, plastics, cosmetics and other chemical products. Granulators help ensure uniformity and consistency of particle size, which facilitates further processing, transportation and application of the product in production.

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Production of plastics

In the polymer processing industry, granulators are used for the production of plastic granules, which are then used in the formation of various types of plastic products (by casting or extrusion). The production of granules in this area is done by grinding secondary plastic to the state of granules. This allows the reuse of plastic waste, significantly reducing the impact of plastic on the environment.

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General advantages of using granulators

Among them, the following should be noted:

  • Increase in productivity. Granulators significantly increase the speed of processing raw materials, which affects the growth of production capacity.
  • Saving resources. The compaction of materials allows to reduce the costs of their storage and transportation.
  • Product quality improvement. Granulation ensures homogeneity and standardization of finished products.
  • Environmental friendliness. Reducing waste and reusing materials helps reduce the environmental impact of production.
  • Universality of application. Granulators can process a wide range of materials, making them suitable for many industries.

When choosing a granulator, you should consider not only the technical characteristics of the equipment, but also the reputation of the manufacturer. Reliable units from a proven manufacturer ensure the stability of the production process and high quality of final products. No less important is the possibility of individual production, which allows you to choose the optimal solution for any production needs.