Industrial shredders
and compactors from Ecopolymer

Developed and manufactured in Ukraine

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Want to try our wood, plastic or rubber processing equipment for free? Or test your own materials in real conditions?
Then send us your material and we will show you the processing process ONLINE.

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We are extremely interested in customers and dealers from other countries. Especially from the European Union. Contact us and we will offer you the most favorable conditions. It will be more profitable for you than buying equipment in Europe or bringing equipment of appropriate quality from China. Many of our customers in Europe are very satisfied with the quality of our equipment.

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What equipment do we offer:

Our bestsellers:

Шредер для картону, деревини, пластику Shark ES 6.1

Wood crusher Shark ES 10.2

Shredder Shark ES 10.2 Rotary wood crusher. Also suitable for many other materials The Shark ES6.2, ES8.2, ES10.2, ES13.2, ES15.2 and ES20.2…

Порівняння моделей

Draining screw press KDM-360 (W)

Draining screw press KDM-360 (W) This draining screw press reliably squeezes moisture from waste and liquid from packages The Ecopolymer draining screw…

Порівняння моделей

Screw compactor KDM-360

Screw compactor KDM-360 Large screw compactor for large volumes of waste The screw compactor Ecopolymer KDM-360 is the largest Ecopolymer equipment for…

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Why is it better to buy waste processing
equipment from us?

  • We are a manufacturer, not a dealer
  • We are a Ukrainian manufacturer
  • Specialization — for more than 14 years, we have specialized in the development and manufacture of equipment specifically for the field of waste processing
  • Speed of production — it will usually be much faster to manufacture and deliver with us than to order equipment from China or Europe
  • Lower prices — our prices are significantly lower, compared to similar equipment of proper quality in Europe and even in China
  • Individual approach — selection of components and equipment specifically for your types of waste and for your enterprise
  • Service — we provide reliable service

14 years of progress

Since 2010, we have always strived to find the optimal shredding and compacting solution for our customers’ needs.

Thanks to careful research and development, Ecopolymer shredders and screw compactors become not only more productive, but also more energy efficient.

We love sustainability

As a leader in the field of crushing and compacting in Ukraine, we contribute to keeping our country clean.

Simplifying and speeding up recycling and efficient use of resources is part of our professional responsibility.

One solution for all customers?
Not with us!

We believe that our customers should not settle for mediocrity. Instead of compromising, we will determine the optimal equipment configuration that is suitable for processing a specific type of waste, just for you.

Through this process, we are able to find a shredding solution that gives our customers the highest degree of satisfaction.

Your service partner

We are here to help! 
Our customer service technicians are always ready to help our customers. 

This gives our customers less worry so they can focus on what’s really important: their production.

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Гранулятор кормів

Feed granulator

Feed granulators have become indispensable equipment in modern animal husbandry. They make it possible to automate the production process of…

Гранулятори і їх застосування у різних галузях

Granulators and their application in various industries

Гранулятор – це механічний пристрій, який використовується для формування різноманітного матеріалу в гранули. Цей процес часто використовується в сільському господарстві…

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