Wood. Wood waste processing

Grinding, pressing, drying and processing of wood waste

Wood is a valuable raw material that can be used until the last chip. After processing, wood waste can be used for energy production in incinerators, or for the production of fuel briquettes.

Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing

Learn more about recycling and energy use of wood waste

The best shredding of wood

The circular economy starts with us

Anyone who wants to produce energy from production waste in an environmentally friendly way cannot help but use chopped wood. Residues that are processed into wood chips by shredding can be used for direct heat production in incinerators or for the production of fuel briquettes. We provide processing of all types of hard and soft wood, OSB and MDF waste, veneer, plywood, doors, furniture and pallets. Don’t worry, during processing, all nails and screws are simply crushed together with the wood, then they can be easily separated with the help of a magnet.

“The first Ecopolymer shredders of the 2010s were used for wood processing. Since then, a lot has changed from a technical point of view, we are constantly improving our production technologies and implementing modern solutions.

Samples of woodworking and woodworking industry materials

Various rotor series and variants are the best solutions for woodworkers: whether pallets, lumber, chipboard or MDF boards, stairs, window frames, doors or semi-finished wood – our equipment turns everything into valuable kindling.

Utilization and processing of wood waste from Ecopolymer

It doesn’t matter what you call your equipment: wood chipper, crusher or shredder – with equipment from Ecopolymer you will shred everything to the last chip and dispose of wood waste in the most environmentally friendly way.

For pre-shredding, the Shark EZ40 is available for large waste wood such as pallets, window frames or furniture. With our versatile ES series shredders, e.g. ES 6 or ES15, you can achieve the highest performance. For the smallest material sizes, we offer shredders of the ENZ series.

Wood. Wood waste processing

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Wood. Wood waste processing

All stages of the processing process are under control: Transportation. Separation. Storage

Thanks to our extensive experience in conveyor technologies (pneumatic conveying, screw conveyors, hopper systems, conveyor belts, metal detection and separation), we can offer you a complete package of solutions for the utilization and processing of wood from a single source. You will receive optimal equipment for your own energy production.

Every woodworking company needs a Shark ES shredder

The relevance of the issue of processing raw materials has always been, remains today and will not change in the future. All carpentry, carpentry, sawmill and industrial furniture workshops of any size inevitably generate wood waste during production. They must be disposed of or made suitable for further use. Because wood is a renewable type of raw material and biomass of the future.

Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing
The Ecopolymer Shark ES 10.2 single-rotor shredder shreds wooden pallets

Shredding of pallets

One of the most common applications of wood chipping is pallet chipping. Ecopolymer offers equipment specially designed for this task.

Possibilities for wood waste disposal:

  1. For burning, use wood chips, e.g. chip hopper with chip burning furnace
  2. Use wood chips for biogas production, e.g. wood gasification installations in biothermal power plants
  3. Briquetting of chopped wood and using it for own heat production, e.g. wooden briquettes for a wood-burning stove
  4. briquetting wood chips and selling them for profit e.g. hardware stores or private households
  5. Wood waste and processing of used wood e.g. chipboard production


Do you want to try our systems for processing different types of plastic? Or test your own materials in realistic production conditions? Send us your material sample and we will show you the entire recycling process ONLINE.

Wood. Wood waste processing
Wood. Wood waste processing

Why is a uniform particle size necessary when shredding wood waste?

A uniform particle size is especially important in the thermal utilization of wood waste, as heating installations are often designed for a standardized particle size. If the particle size is not uniform enough, screw conveyor heating systems can quickly clog or fail. The formation of material bridges also prevents the smooth operation of the system. In addition, the safety of the combustion system can be compromised if chips are too large or too long, which can block safety devices such as the rotary feed device. The production of high-density fuel briquettes also requires uniform wood shavings. This is the only way fuel briquettes can stably keep their shape without binders and glue.

Optimal utilization of wood waste

Whether you use a planer, band saw or circular saw, sander or lathe, woodworking produces a lot of wood shavings, sanding dust and sawdust. Even in CNC machining centers, wood shavings and wood dust are produced through the use of CNC machines and milling machines, which can be optimally processed with the Shark ES chipper.