Screw conveyor and its features

Пластик. Переробка відходів полімерів

A modern screw conveyor, the cost of which depends on the type and performance, is equipment that is in demand and necessary in various industries. These units are mainly used for transporting bulk products, grain crops, construction sand, crushed stone and other similar raw materials.

Such equipment is the real dream of any farmer who has grown and harvested a good crop of grain. After harvesting, the question arises: how to transport it to premises for long-term storage. It is also necessary to solve the problem of loading grain onto a car, for example, which cannot drive up to the products.

Solutions from the Ecopolymer company

In such situations, the equipment produced by the Ecopolymer company will always help you. In fairness, we are talking about such products as the screw conveyor, the price of which is quite affordable, and the functionality and versatility allow you to use the equipment to solve the most difficult tasks.

The manufacturer offers high-quality screw conveyors of various diameters and lengths. You can order such types of equipment as:

  • screw spiral;
  • axisless type auger;
  • auger conveyor in the pipe;
  • screw conveyor in the chute;
  • stainless steel screw conveyor.

This allows the customer to assess their needs and choose the most suitable version of the screw loader.

Why should you choose and buy a screw conveyor loader? The main advantage of using such equipment is that the integrity of the transported products is preserved. In addition, you can set the auger for unloading products at the height you need.


If it is a warehouse for storing raw materials, the unloading height can reach 10 meters. In addition, such a screw conveyor will allow you to easily load trucks with agricultural products, for example. It is possible to connect the equipment through a frequency converter, which allows you to adjust the performance and load speed.

The screw conveyor is characterized by compact dimensions and increased mobility. For these reasons, it is popular and in demand not only among small farmers, but also among large companies in the agricultural industry.