Ecopolymer manufactured a bunker polymer dryer for JSK

Ecopolymer manufactured a bunker polymer dryer for JSK

In January 2024, we completed production and shipped to a client in Europe, equipment of our own design – a bunker dryer for polymers. The Estonian company JSK easily integrates it into its production line. The dryer will be installed after the shredder and before the extruder. Both of these devices are also manufactured by our company.

What is a hopper polymer dryer?

A polymer hopper dryer is an equipment designed to dry polymer raw materials (films, plastics) by removing moisture. This type of dryer gets its name due to the presence of a hopper or tank where materials are placed before the drying process.

Why dry polymers?

Many types of plastic (polymers) are hygroscopic in nature, that is, they are able to absorb water from the environment. Moisture accumulates in materials during storage or after washing. The presence of moisture can deteriorate the properties of raw materials and products made from them.

Some polymers may increase their volume or become more flexible, and it is important to avoid this in production. Therefore, hopper dryers are often used to remove moisture in polymer processing lines.

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How does JSK plan to use the resin dryer?

Jäätmete Sorteerimis Keskus OÜ (JSK) is the largest waste collector and processor in Estonia. They collect wood, plastic, metal, waste paper, construction waste, etc. The company is our reliable partner; we have been cooperating for more than 10 years.

During this time we have developed and manufactured many pieces of equipment for JSK. Among this taxation is an extruder that we have designed and manufactured before. With its help, the company produces finished plastic products from plastic granules. The polymer hopper dryer will be integrated into the production line and will improve the speed and consistency of drying materials before feeding into the extruder. This will speed up the production of products and increase their volume.

What components does a polymer processing line include?

The line we have developed for JSK includes the following equipment:

  1. Belt conveyor – for feeding materials into the shredder
  2. Shredder – for crushing materials
  3. Screw conveyor – for feeding materials from the shredder to the hopper dryer
  4. Bunker dryer – for drying polymers and removing moisture from them
  5. Screw conveyor – for feeding materials from the hopper dryer to the extruder
  6. Extruder

Features of the manufactured Ecopolymer dryer

The polymer dryer we manufactured is equipped with everything necessary for long-term, continuous and productive operation:

  • Bunker with agitator
  • Heater
  • Air valve
  • Exhaust air filter
  • Material moisture sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Load sensor on agitator shaft
  • Circuit breakers to prevent overload

If you are interested in this equipment, we will be happy to answer your questions, provide advice and select the optimal configuration.

Take a step towards the future of efficient production with our state-of-the-art resin hopper dryers. Order today and see the efficiency and reliability of our technologies!