Waste containers

Waste containers

We develop, manufacture and sell typical containers for waste. We also manufacture individual designs, directly for the tasks of your company.

We produce durable, reliable and easy-to-use garbage containers, as well as auger equipment for compacting various waste.

Our containers facilitate the collection, storage and transportation of waste. We will select and manufacture the optimal design and optimal solution for you.

Below on this page, you can familiarize yourself with the model range, go to the model comparison or read more detailed information.

Garbage containers

— Skip Loader Bins
— Multilift containers
— Non-standard containers

We manufacture storage hoppers of the “boat” type, waste containers for Multilift systems, large-sized and non-standard containers.

Comparison of waste container models

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What are large waste containers used for?

Garbage containers and storage hoppers are designed for collecting and transporting large volumes of household and industrial waste, construction waste or scrap metal. They are used at construction sites, industry, recreation or in the residential and communal sphere.

Due to the large volume of such a container (from 6 to 43 m3), these systems are particularly popular, as they make it possible to install the container in any area (for example, within the city limits or on large production sites, in the field or even in the forest). There, they are gradually or immediately filled with garbage, followed by safe and economical removal to a place of storage or disposal.

The use of such containers greatly simplifies the collection and management of waste.

Waste containers
Waste containers

What waste containers can you buy from us?

We manufacture:

  1. Skip Loader Bins
  2. Containers for the Multilift system of various sizes
  3. Containers of non-standard sizes and shapes
Waste containers

What is Skip Loader Bin?

Skip Loader Bin is a container designed for collection, storage and transportation of waste and materials. It has a volume of 6 to 10 m3 and looks like a small boat. That is why it is often called a Skip Loader Bin of the “boat” type. Normally, the Skip Loader Bin comes without a cover but can be equipped with lids if required.

This type of container is intended for use with portal garbage trucks (with the Skip Lift (Skip Loader) system).

Skip Loader Bin is designed for collection and transportation of household and construction waste, materials (crushed stone, sand, etc.), industrial waste of large dimensions. They are used on construction and production sites, near residential complexes, summer cottage associations, farms, near shopping centers and parks.

Waste containers
Waste containers

What is a Multilift container?

The Multilift system is a mechanism that is installed on trucks in order to simplify and automate loading and unloading processes.

This system is based on a hydraulic drive and hook attachment mechanism. To work with it, special Multilift containers with a hook attachment are used.

Multilift containers come in different, mostly large, volumes: 6, 10, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30, 35, 38, 40, 43 cubic meters. meters They provide convenient collection and removal of bulky waste.

Work with Multilift conveyors is organized according to the principle of installing them at the right location, where they collect waste. Then, after filling, the container is loaded onto a truck, thanks to the Multilift lift, and taken away.

Waste containers
Waste containers
Waste containers

Advantages of using waste containers

Waste containers are usually of very strong construction and volume, which allows for efficient collection of large volumes of waste. They are used in many cities and commercial complexes to optimize the garbage collection process. These containers provide the following benefits:

  • Centralized garbage collection: Due to the large volume of the container, from becomes a single point of centralized garbage collection.
  • Reduced risk of vandalism and theft: Waste containers have a strong construction, making them less vulnerable to vandalism and theft.
  • The possibility of installation in unattended places: the large weight of the container prevents its theft. Therefore, it can be placed in places without supervision, such as: forest, field, etc.
  • Reduction of odors and pollution: Containers can be made closed, which helps keep unpleasant odors inside and prevents waste from being spread around.
  • Fast and efficient removal of waste: The mechanized lifting mechanism allows convenient and quick removal of waste, which facilitates the process of garbage collection.
  • Reduced risk of injury: Mechanized lifting systems reduce the risk of injury among workers who remove waste.
  • Time and labor savings: Mechanized lifting systems significantly reduce the time required to collect waste and the cost of workers in this process. This makes the work process more efficient and economical.

Considering these advantages, waste containers are widely used by public and private enterprises and help in the organization of efficient work with waste.

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We specialize in manufacturing equipment for the processing industry. We constantly accumulate valuable experience and improve the equipment so that it is the optimal solution in this field

Equipment quality

We manufacture high-quality metal structures and use the best electrical and hydraulic components to ensure high reliability of the equipment

Ease of work
and ease of management

All our equipment is as simple as possible to operate and is equipped with automatic control cabinets for easy and understandable use

Individual development

We develop equipment specifically for the individual requirements and tasks of the client


We deliver equipment across Ukraine and to European countries. The cost of delivery is calculated separately

Installation and instruction

We carry out installation, commissioning and commissioning of equipment. We conduct training for the staff before the start of use


The warranty is provided for all equipment of the Ecopolymer company. The term and terms of the warranty depends on the type of equipment


We provide qualified service. We help you keep equipment in excellent working order and without downtime

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