Containers for construction waste for the Multilift system

Containers for construction waste of various sizes for the Multilift system

We develop and manufacture high-quality containers for construction waste of the Multilift system of standard sizes. We also develop and manufacture individual designs, directly for the tasks of your enterprise.

We produce strong, reliable and easy-to-use Multilift containers designed for work with trucks equipped with this system. We also manufacture waste hoppers.

Our Multilift containers facilitate the collection, storage and transportation of waste. We will select and manufacture for you the optimal design for your needs.

Below on this page, you can familiarize yourself with the model range, go to the model comparison or read more detailed information.

What is the Multilift system?

The Multilift system is a mechanism that is installed on trucks to simplify and automate loading and unloading processes.

This system is based on a hydraulic drive and hook attachment mechanism. To work with it, special Multilift containers with a hook attachment are used.

The principle of operation is that the truck with the Multilift system backs up to the container, hooks it with the Multilift hook and pulls it onto its chassis, where it is firmly held. After that, the container is taken out in the desired direction.

Containers for construction waste for the Multilift system
Containers for construction waste for the Multilift system

What is a Multilift container?

The Multilift container is a strong metal container that can hold and store a large amount of waste, and a special Multilift hook hydraulic system is used for its transportation or unloading.

You can distinguish such a container from any other by special design elements: a hook attachment and powerful metal guides.

Multilift containers come in different, mostly large, volumes: 6, 10, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30, 35, 38, 40, 43 cubic meters. meters They provide convenient collection and removal of bulky waste.

Work with Multilift conveyors is organized according to the principle of installing them in the desired location, where they collect waste. Then, after filling, the container is loaded onto a truck, thanks to the Multilift lift, and taken away.

Containers for construction waste for the Multilift system
Containers for construction waste for the Multilift system

Advantages of equipment from Ecopolymer


We specialize in manufacturing equipment for the processing industry. We constantly accumulate valuable experience and improve the equipment so that it is the optimal solution in this field

Equipment quality

We manufacture high-quality metal structures and use the best electrical and hydraulic components to ensure high reliability of the equipment

Ease of work
and ease of management

All our equipment is as simple as possible to operate and is equipped with automatic control cabinets for easy and understandable use

Individual development

We develop equipment specifically for the individual requirements and tasks of the client


We deliver equipment across Ukraine and to European countries. The cost of delivery is calculated separately

Installation and instruction

We carry out installation, commissioning and commissioning of equipment. We conduct training for the staff before the start of use


The warranty is provided for all equipment of the Ecopolymer company. The term and terms of the warranty depends on the type of equipment


We provide qualified service. We help you keep equipment in excellent working order and without downtime

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