The largest Estonian waste collection company “JSK” chose the KDM-360 compactor from Ecopolymer

Найбільша естонська компанія зі збору відходів “JSK” обрала компактор KDM-360 від Екополімер

Estonia’s largest company “JSK”, which collects and sorts waste from their customers’ new household appliances and foam packaging, is now making money thanks to the KDM-360 compactor.

The company “JSK” is one of the largest independent waste collection and disposal companies in Estonia, specializing in hazardous and difficult-to-process waste. In addition to collecting their customers’ used household appliances (which are subject to trade-in when purchasing a new appliance and which must be properly disposed of), JSK has found a better way to dispose of EPS and EPP than to throw them into landfills, as was done before .

As a result of negotiations and consultations with the engineers of our company to select the necessary compactor, the company “JSK” took advantage of the opportunity to purchase an excellent system for its main location in the city of Tallinn (Estonia).

The choice was made in favor of the Ecopolymer company after it carefully developed a solution for JSK – a compactor with the possibility of processing various polymers (EPS, EPP, XPS) taking into account the wishes of the customer.

This model compresses expanded polystyrene into blocks with a density of 250-300 kg/m³ and expanded polypropylene into blocks with a density of 300-350 kg/m³. The polystyrene and polypropylene can then be sold for recycling.

Ivo Nomme, the company’s director, noted that this provided a strong financial and environmental boost.

“Just renting a vehicle that would deliver the polystyrene waste to the landfill costs 200 euros per trip. And in order to remove the entire weekly volume of waste from all our customers’ stores, 10 trips are required. With the purchase of a compactor, we were able to optimize our costs,” explains Ivo. In addition, the sale of compacted blocks compensates JSK for half of the cost of hiring labor to process and load the blocks.

The compactor of the Ecopolymer company, the KDM-360 model, has high productivity, which allows JSK to occupy a leading position in terms of the amount of polystyrene collected in stores from all over the country. Previously, they could handle only half of this volume, which meant a constant accumulation of waste in stores. The speed and performance of the new system will ensure that stores will be much cleaner and waste will not need to be collected as often, thus further reducing carbon emissions.

Having seen the success of the custom-made compactor KDM-360, the Ecopolymer company is confident that this model can be used by other companies that need to dispose of a large amount of polystyrene.

Artem Markosyan, Ekopolymer Sales Director, said: “By communicating with customers and understanding their needs, we can adapt existing equipment or custom-made equipment to extract all the benefits that JSK has been able to obtain. Their KDM-360 compactor is fast, productive and compresses large volumes of polystyrene into salable blocks, thereby reducing transport costs and waste output, while generating profit instead. We are satisfied as much as our clients are satisfied with the result.”

The largest Estonian waste collection company "JSK" chose the KDM-360 compactor from Ecopolymer