EPS compacting

EPS is used in different production fields and as packaging.  It is mostly used as heat- and sound insulator in construction, as finishing material,  heat insulator for household appliances (for example, fridges) and wrapping for different items, especially fragile ones.

Screw compactors are commonly used for EPS boxes compacting, for example, fish boxes in fishing industry, as manufacturers receive a lot of returnable containers. In addition, the use of compactors is also popular in other fields such as the construction materials industry, the light, food, instrument making industries and in pharmacy.

EPS is a light and voluminous material. Uncompacted expanded polystyrene generally ends up in landfill, which may cause significant problems. The material has a long-lasting decomposition period, therefore it pollutes the environment, however, compacted EPS can be sold to plastic processing companies.


EPS may be of different densities: from 5 kg/m3 up to 50 kg/m3. The most widespread density is between 10 and 50 kg per m3. It is the density of EPS which determines required productivity of a compactor (kg per hour) and the necessity to install a more powerful engine on a pre-crusher (shredder).  


According to market requirements compacting of EPS of different sizes and shapes is developing increasingly. Through communication with customers we are improving the processing of different kinds of EPS. Factors such as density, shape and size define the type of compactor needed. It is possible to design individual compactor parameters for each customer.

Energy consumption

Compactors made by our company do not melt EPS while compacting. Therefore cold molding compactors do not damage the environment and reduce electricity costs. These advantages are achieved due to our engineers’ special developments.


Depending on еру amount of EPS waste, we designed four principal models.

- Compactor KDM-70 with 20 kg per hour productivity

- Compactor KDM-240 with 70 kg per hour productivity

- Compactor KDM-320 with 100 kg per hour productivity

- Compactor KDM-360 with 200 kg per hour productivity

Depending on the compactor’s functions required, our engineers offer various completing units of such models as KDM-240, KDM-320, KDM-360:

1. Several alternative variants of the hopper

2. Reinforced screw

3. Extra sensors

4. Powerful pre-crusher

According to a customer’s request compactor can be built in in the existing manufacturing line and it will correspond to all the norms and standards required.

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