One of the largest companies in Estonia, which is engaged in the collection and sorting of waste, makes profit due to SHARK ES6.1 and Shark EZ40 shredders.

“JSK” company, one of the largest independent companies for the collection and disposal of waste in Estonia, which specializes in the group of waste which is dangerous and difficult in processing, so that, in addition to the collection of used household appliances of their clients (which is to be exchanged upon the purchase of new appliances, and which needs to be disposed of correctly), JSK found the best method of disposal - that is crushing of waste on a shredder and subsequent sale to recycling companies.

As a result of negotiations and consultations with the engineers of our company in selecting of the necessary shredder, “JSK” company took the opportunity to buy an excellent system for its main location in the city of Tallinn (Estonia).

Preference was given to Ecopolymer company, after it had carefully developed a solution for JSK – a shredder with the possibility of processing various polymers taking into account the wishes of the customer company.

Ivo Nomme, Director of the company, noted that it had strongest, both financial and environmental impact.

SHARK EZ40 shredder offers high rate of productivity, which allows JSK to be a leader in RDF waste recycling in Estonia.

Having seen the success of the custom-built SHARK EZ40 shredder, Ecopolymer company believes that such model can also be used by other companies which have the need to dispose of a huge amount of RDF

Artem Markosyan (Project director) from Ecopolymer said: “Communicating with clients and understanding their needs, we can adapt existing equipment or equipment made to order to take all the advantages, which JSK company could get. Their SHARK EZ40 shredder is fast, efficient and crushes large volumes of waste, thereby reducing transportation costs and emission of waste, bringing profit instead of that. We are pleased so far as our customers are pleased with the result”.

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