The compactor designed for industries that deal wita polymer dust.

It’s use has the following advantages:

-         less dust;

-         easier to proess;

-         costs saving;

-         possibility to recycle waste.

Less dust, easier to process, costs saving and possibility to recycle waste. Screw compactor KDM-320 designed by the Ecopolymer is a great advantage for plants that have different types of polymer dust.

Ukrainian company Styroplast, the manufacturer of sandwich panels and EPS, purchased the KDM-240 for compacting dust and scraps, which appear during a production process.

Dust and scrap uncompacted weigh 40 kg/m3. With the compactor KDM-240 designed by the Ecopolymer the weight of compacted dust reaches 350-400 kg/m3.

Production/occupational dust and scrap are blown to the Silo system.

The Silo system was designed to compact larhe amounts of dust and scrap by using a silo as a buffer during peak periods. In this way the company saves labour costs and avoids using extra time and workforce.

Screw compactor KDM-240 simplifies waste compacting significantly in comparison with ordinary presses.

«It is impossible to compact the waste like this  with ordinary compactors as they leave dust uncompacted. With the KDM-240 waste can be compessed much more tightly and can be bagged or put in containers on-site for further processing».

In addition, the company makes a significant profit as it doesn’t have to spend money on transportation of large amounts of uncompacted dust.

KDM-240 designed by the Ecopolymer is reliable and low-maintenance even if it works twenty-four/seven.

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